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GP Services

My name is Dr Sam Nabli, and I have been an independent private general practitioner for over twenty years. 

Medicine is changing, and not only for the better. Gone are the days when physicians knew patients personally, rather than as a number. The era of a meaningful relationship with one doctor, who has known that patient and their family for years, is rapidly fading. My goal is to return to that earlier era of care, in so doing providing the best care possible to every individual patient. It is my view that physicians and patients alike should to look for solutions that re-establish a more patient-centric approach to care. This is because the best healthcare results from physicians adopting an individual care approach: taking time to get to know their patients as people with unique needs and individual healthcare goals, rather than just an illness statistic.

My mission is to make this patient-focused ideal a reality. With a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, disease prevention and counselling, I aim to guide patients to make smarter health and lifestyle choices in all aspects of the mind, body and appearance.

Dr S Nabli


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