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Vanderohe is an inspirational beauty journal that visited The Elixir Clinic for an Adrenal Fatigue Infusion. 

This article is originally posted at:  (July 2014 issue

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The Promise: Energy boost and health kick in one simple intravenous vitamin drip


An intravenous injection of a selection of vitamins to enhance wellbeing and promote a youthful complexion. They gained their initial popularity with athletes looking to boost their athletic performance.


After a thorough consultation you will sit with an IV drip of vitamins for 45 minutes, after which you can continue life as normal.


I had undertaken a 13 hour flight with a baby from Singapore to London, a return flight to and from New York and a trip to Prague within the last 8 days, so the prospect of an anti-fatigue procedure to combat my severe jet lag seemed extremely inviting.  I must, however, confess to a fair degree of trepidation at the prospect of a vitamin injection, and my fears were multiplied somewhat when I realized upon arriving at the clinic, that it was not just an injection, but a rather lengthy intravenous procedure that I would be undergoing. Luckily one of the co-founders of the clinic, Acaena, quickly put my fears to rest as she reassured me about the treatment and its benefits.

My blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart rate were checked and full medical history relayed before inserting the drip. Acaena also gave a thorough explanation of the different vitamins that would be administered and how each would help with my fatigue and general health.

I would recommend taking reading material or your iPad for the 45 minutes that ensues. I was warned that I might feel a bit light-headed from the dose of vitamins after the procedure and indeed, when I left the clinic I did immediately feel a relaxed sensation. As for my tiredness, I felt noticeably revived and refreshed that very evening and enjoyed a night of uninterrupted sleep. On close inspection in the morning, I noticed that my skin looked remarkably re-energized. This lasted for a good few days as people were still commenting on my skin four days after the treatment.

To reap the real benefits I would recommend a course of treatments – something that might seem quite daunting upon your first visit to the clinic, especially for those who have a fear of needles!

*The Elixir Clinic was founded by Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh. Their clinics are based at 46 Wimpole Street and Grace Belgravia, London. For bookings: +44 203 322 6302