Background: The Elixir Clinic

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It all began in the heart of the medical district of London: Harley Street. Through long hours, late nights and a pure love for what they did, Mahi and Acaena struck up a strong working relationship and friendship. An extensive background in HIV and cancer research, how vitamins can help the immune system and prevent and help diseases became central to the work that was to follow.  Further to this, the sheer fascination with the idea of long term health they had invested in for so long, led to the birth of an idea, an idea aimed to continue developing the face of everyday wellbeing forever. Inspired by Baltimore Physician John Myers and his intravenous nutrient mixture, the girls worked hard to develop their own unique and bespoke vitamin drips tailored for different needs and health requirements.  The Elixir Clinic was born. The intravenous infusions range from the 'VIP Elixir VitaDrip' with a custom blend of essential vitamins and minerals to the ‘Adrenal Fatigue VitaDrip’ tailored to help with thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. With the help of a strong team, The Elixir Clinic began and continues to thrive in London and has since expanded to the Middle East after partnering with CosmeSurge and Emirates Hospital.     

The Elixir Clinics’ VitaDrips are the most effective, natural and safe detox method for sustaining long-term well-being. We use the most advanced techniques and source specialised, highly trained nurses to provide the best possible quality of care available.