Pure Dynalift

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Pure Dynalift


The Instant Beautifier

DynaliftTM is the ideal skin emergency 'must have'. This lifestyle product makes it possible to achieve that instant makeover look and finish.

In case of very dry skin use in combination with Pure Hyaluron. 

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DynaliftTM is composed of sorghum juice, rich in polyosides and sucrose, in a slightly viscous carrier. The numerous hydroxyl functional groups (–OH) of the polyosides interact with each other and with the keratin of corneocytes, to form an invisible tightening film on the skin’s surface. The attractive force of each bond creates a tension that produces a micro- lifting effect.

When we think of beautiful and radiant skin, we imagine a younger type of skin. Yet, even younger skin may not be perfect. With Dynalift, it is possible to rapidly transform the skin, smoothing the micro-relief of the skin and stimulating the microcirculation.

- A cosmetic lifting formula for every emergency

- Illuminates the skin within 5 minutes

- Lifting effect for more than 4 hours

- Up to 40% reduction in depth of lines and wrinkles

- Extraordinarily moisturising thanks to the addition of Hyaluronic Acid

- Suitable for all skin types

- It can be applied above or under daily makeup 


15 ml pipette glass bottle