Pure Genistein

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Pure Genistein


The Skin Rejuvenator

Liposomal genistein soyaglycone is a liposomal preparation of genistein, the biologically active form of the most abundant soy isoflavone. Genistein strongly stimulates the production of collagen and prevents its degradation by matrix metalloproteinases. 

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 - Pure Genistein, the biologically more active form of soy isoflavone, is an active ingredient able to improve the synthesis of collagen, and visibly reduce wrinkles. It restores the skin structure and skin sagging caused by hormonal reduction

- Clinically proven to increase the production of Collagen IV by 53%

- Your skin appears younger and healthy

- Perfect for mature skin

- Visible skin lifting and firming effect 

- Ideal preventative to reduce the signs of premature ageing around the eye and mouth area.


15ml pipette glass bottle