Pure Repair Complex

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Pure Repair Complex


The Cell Renewer

A biotechnologically derived extract from bifido- bacteria - containing metabolic products, cytoplasm fractions, cell wall constituents, as well as polysaccharide complexes - supports the skin‘s own protection and repair mechanism to counteract signs of premature ageing. It also rebalances the proportion of mediators, which are important for the regulation of the immune system, facilitating the repair of damaged cells and helping the skin maintain its youthful appearance.

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- Optimises cell renewal

- Stimulates the natural mechanism of protection of DNA, caused by UV rays

- Counteracts cell oxidation and restores skin radiance and firmness.

- Regenerates aged, sunlight damaged skin

-It preserves the skin barrier from the aggressions of environmental agents, prevents the penetration of micro organisms, chemical agents and allergens

- Soothes skin redness and relieves discomfort caused by irritations

- Supports the skin's immune system following any light based treatment

- Superior scar healing effect


15ml pipette glass bottle