Therapist: Sherezade Ruano
Founder and Director of The Breathing Practice
Where modern medicine merges with ancient practices

Therapist - Sherezade Ruano

Sherezade trained as a Hatha Yoga Cardiac and Cancer Therapist in US under the guidance of worldwide recognized teachers who are closely involved in high standard research about the benefits of Yoga for chronic illnesses. She is also a qualified Yoga teacher by Triyoga and member of The British Wheel of Yoga.

Sherezade is a registered research nurse specializing in diabetes and cardiology, with extensive knowledge in clinical practice. She works closely with high standard medical practitioners providing the best quality of care in Western medicine, thus bringing the holistic perspective of optimizing the function of every system in the body through Yoga, Nutrition and Mindfulness. At present she combines her two passions; helping those who need yoga the most and contributing to create quality research studies in the field of cardiology. She has developed a yoga and nutrition program specially designed to enhance and improve her patient’s health and well being along side, and in professional medical association with conventional medicine.

 At The Elixir Clinic, Sherezade implements her program giving special emphasis in the stress management portion offering tools for taking charge of the stress in your life. Some of the main focuses when this portion of the program is used:
1.    Learn how to change your stress environment on your own by understanding how the body reacts to stress
2.    Help the adrenal glands to recover from a burn out or to avoid damage
3.    Improve aspects of self-care
4.    Balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

About Sherezade's practice and teaching
As she integrates her artistic expression into her practice, she teaches Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga with enthusiasm, compassion and inspiration. With flowing yet grounded sequences, Sherezade guides students through slow and mindful movements and transitions in order to create inspirational and safely structured practices. Emphasizing the importance of breathing and correct body alignment are key points in all her classes. 

What we offer in The Breathing Practice
1    Pranayama (breathing technique) 
2    Asana practice (physical poses) - modified accordingly
3    Deep relaxation
4    Stress management techniques
5    Meditation and visualization
6    Imaginary & Body scan

7    Medical and health assessment
8    Health recommendations
9    Nutrition therapy assessment – Part of The Breathing Practice program

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