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Established in 2013 in London’s medical district, The Elixir Clinic is an international wellness clinic recognized as a market leader in intravenous therapy offering preventive health solutions across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Elixir Clinic's treatment philosophy is to design a wellness lifestyle for clients which goes beyond a treatment. We curate tailor-made programs using an integrative medical approach to enhance wellbeing and longevity in a client-focused manner.

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Combining preventative medicine and wellbeing with bespoke treatment programs based on comprehensive diagnostic and screenings to target the goals and concerns of each unique client.



Offering an extensive selection of therapies which include intravenous, anti-aging, regenerative, holistic, and intramuscular treatments to optimize vitality, slow down the aging process and improve your quality of life.



Support your skin health with our range of derma-aesthetic treatments to create rejuvenation, delay the signs of aging, and enhance your natural beauty.

Trusted Partners

"A couple of friends had mentioned the effects of IV Ozone Therapy to me. Purchased a package of 6 treatments and I am 3 in and feeling more energetic, as well as overcoming a slight winter flu a lot quicker than expected."

Social Project

"A welcoming experience thatwas ideal for helping to solve my jet lag after a work trip from the states. I had a “VitaDrip” infusion that lasted around 45 minutes and to be honest, I was already feeling improvements such as increased energy levels and less muscular fatigue. This will now be a monthly visit!"

Max Melia

"Thanks for the services today. Staff were very nice and professional. Gave me a lot of information and advice. Can’t wait to go back again!"

Raya Walker

"From the minute I Whatsapped the team, the service was exceptional, even to Dubai standards where customer service at clinics is high, Elixir is in a class of its own. I have tried both the home service and had IVs in the clinic and the staff has been knowledgeable and the IVs helped my health an incredible amount. You have to try Elixir; you will become addicted to how good you feel"

Iram Kauser

"Entire team of doctors and team at Elixir are excellent. I specially travel from India at regular intervals and have been very happy with their aesthetic treatments and IV drips. It’s a must place to visit guys."

Tejaswini Ganatra

"As a non-medical naturopathic practitioner, I was very curious about this modern diagnostic method, with which one can determine the mineral and vitamin status and the heavy metal load in a very simple way. The doctor and I discussed my results very deeply. She is very competent and since I also have a relatively good basic knowledge, our exchange gave me a lot of pleasure and I learned new things. It was definitely worth taking the test. There were some surprises."

Frau Hartmann