October 16, 2018

Introducing Elixir Beauty Hour at our UAE branches, a ‘happy hour’ promotion dedicated to our anti-aging therapy treatments to help clients achieve their beauty goals.

Elixir Beauty Hour will allow you to receive savings on treatments and benefit from complimentary treatments based on the amount spent. (Terms & Conditions apply).

Our specialist dermatologists in Abu Dhabi & Dubai are ready to meet you and will be offering complimentary consultations for those who need guidance on the best treatments suitable for them. Book your consultation today to find out with  treatments such as PRP therapy, Fractional Laser, Anti-wrinkle injections, or Fillers are the right for you!


Up to 25% off on anti-aging therapy treatments at The Elixir Clinic – UAE branches

Treatments include: 

  • Anti-wrinkle injections (BOTOX®)
  • Dermal Fillers for Facial Contouring, Lip Augmentation, Non-surgical rhinoplastic, and more
  • PRP therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Thread Lifts (Non-surgical facelift)
  • Mesotherapy (Vitamin injections)
  • Elixir Skin Booster (Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Elixir Skin Peels
  • Fractional Laser for Face & Body
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation
  • Varicose Veins Reduction
  • Laser Lip Rejuvenation (Pinkish-Lips)

For more information about our treatments, kindly check our wellness menu.

For appointments

  • The Elixir Clinic – Dubai:           +971 4 338 8026
  • The Elixir Clinic – Abu Dhabi:  +971 2 491 6500
  • Book an appointment today at our branch nearest to you via our online form


The Elixir Clinic UAE – Specialist Dermatologists:

Dr. Bassant Morsy

Dr. Bassant at The Elixir Clinic – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Wael Aboudiab

Dr. Wael at The Elixir Clinic – Dubai


Elixir Beauty Hour Arabic


تقدم إليكسير كلينك ساعة إليكسير للجمال في أفرعنا في الإمارات، مثل مبدأ عرض “ساعة السعادة” التي تخصص للعلاجات الجلدية وعلاجات مكافحة تقدم السن لمساعدة زبائننا في الوصول إلى أهداف الجمال الخاصة بهم مقابل أسعار خاصة!

استفد من هذا العرض للحصول على علاجات مجانية*.
(تطبق الشروط والأحكام)

فريقنا المتخصص في الطب التجميلي الجلدي في إليكسير أبوظبي ودبي مستعد لمقابلتك. نحن نوفر استشارات مجانية للزبائن الجدد الذين يودون مقابلة أطبائنا لمعرفة المزيد عن علاجات التجميل والبشرة الأنسب لهم.

.تعرف على المزيد عن هذا العرض أدناه

 مم تتكون ساعة إليكسير للجمال؟:

خصم لغاية 25% في إليكسير الإمارات على العلاجات الجلدية التجميلية.

العلاجات هي:

  • الإبر المقاومة للتجاعيد(البوتكس)
  • الفيلر(الشفاه، الخدين، الوجه، الأنف والمزيد)
  • علاج البلازما
  • إبرة النضارة
  • الميزوثيرابي(حقن الفيتامينات)
  • الشد بالخيوط
  • تقشير البشرة
  •  الفراكشنال ليزر للوجه والجسم
  • علاج تخفيف الدوالي
  • إعادة النضارة للشفاه (توريد الشفاه)

للمزيد من المعلومات يرجى إلقاء النظر على : قائمة الخدمات

لحجز المواعيد

The Elixir Clinic
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The Get To Know Me Project
The Get To Know Me Project
11:00 06 Jun 21
I have always been met with exceptional service, professionalism and kindness from everyone at the Elixir Clinic. Have... been going there monthly for about three years now, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I get their Ozone Therapy treatment once a month and it has truly changed by body and mind for the better. I also have not been sick in three years, and I used to be sick all the time, so this is definitely down to Ozone. Benefits of Ozone are that you get more oxygen into your blood, which boots your immune system. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Ozone basically breaks down the bacterial cell walls, inhibits fungi growth and stops viruses from reproducing. Ozone has the properties to heal you from the HSV (herpes), HIV, SARS, arthritis, viral diseases etc. Before I got Ozone, I had HSV outbreaks monthly, but I have not had any since my first treatment. Ozone is incredibly popular in many Eastern European cities, but for some reason it isn't widespread (I am guessing because there's no money in healthy people...?). Anyway, the Elixir Clinic has provided me with help, knowledge, support and laughs every single time I have visited, and I am so grateful for them. They also provide a huge variety of other treatments that I know others have been incredibly pleased with, and I am going to be trying the Vitamin drips soon as well!read more
Rise in Beauty
Rise in Beauty
17:08 22 Mar 21
First of all i want to say thank you nurse Tunde because of your lovely character and service unto me, has helped me so... much and thank you to the owners little sister and the guy with the glasses on the computer of the HR. It was so nice meeting all of you and i wish you all the best in all the blessings to be taken from this world whether you see this message or not and i wish you all my love and life God blessread more
Armando Kulla
Armando Kulla
15:48 01 Mar 21
Thank you to The Elixir Clinic, with what is going with the pandemic I was very worried about my immune system. They... have amazing IV's especially the immunity which I believe has helped me, not only with boosting my immune system but providing a general energy boost whilst working long hours from home.read more
Antonio Casanez
Antonio Casanez
09:29 24 Dec 20
Farida helped me at my appointment and was an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend this place. She was professional... and very lovely to deal with at my appointment. I was really impressed. Thank you Farida for looking after me so kindly. Sincerely, Antonioread more
Zahra Duale
Zahra Duale
21:18 04 Nov 20
Had Such a wonderful experience with the lovely farida,I shall be attending the clinic more often.
Melanie Wijesinghe
Melanie Wijesinghe
20:32 07 Oct 20
Excellent service with really friendly team. Farida has been amazing with her service and always delivers the best.... Elixr is one of the best in town!read more
Hannah MacGibbon
Hannah MacGibbon
14:00 24 Sep 20
Thank you to Faride and the Elixir Clinic for accommodating my requirements with first class care and professionalism.... Cannot thank them enough. EXCELLENTread more
Raya Walker
Raya Walker
21:16 28 Aug 20
Thanks for the services today. Staff were very nice and professional. Gave me a lot of information and advice. Can't... wait to go back again.read more
marie dace
marie dace
13:44 27 Aug 20
Really enjoy the environment. Very high standards and very caring staff especially Farida
Benali Malika
Benali Malika
10:54 27 Aug 20
Thank you Farida for your professionalism and kindness. Best nurse in town, well recommended!
01:26 28 Apr 20
Such an amazing team and service, highly recommend The Elixir Clinic! 🔥 Very clean place and organised staff.
Upneet Ashish
Upneet Ashish
18:13 15 Dec 19
Farida, Melissa, and Simone have made our whole experience truly comfortable at the Elixir Clinic. They’re very... helpful and kind.read more
Ashley Soudah
Ashley Soudah
12:11 02 Dec 19
Very friendly staff. Nice and comfortable environment. Couldn't have provided a better service. Highly recommended.
Max Melia
Max Melia
10:28 18 Dec 18
A welcoming experience that was ideal for helping to solve my jet lag after a work trip the the states. I had a... "VitaDrip" infusion that lasted around 45 minutes and to be honest, I was already feeling improvements such as increased energy levels and less muscular fatigue. This will now be a monthly visit!read more
Shahinaz Mustafa
Shahinaz Mustafa
07:38 21 May 18
Thank you so much for a lovely nutrition talk with Sana Khan! This was so informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and... found it so useful, please let me know when you do one like that again. I loved how you tailored your advise to us and asked us what we wanted to talk about. I really appreciate your useful tips and lovely juices in time for the summer. Thank you so much again for everything and the goody bags are AMAZING!!read more
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